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There has never been a better time to jump into the field of video marketing, especially if conventional and expensive sources of advertising seem to offer diminishing returns. Emails stand right now at less than a 2% open rate and lower conversions than ever before and print and newspaper advertising have been offering dismal returns for years. Video Marketing is projected to grow by 10% in 2021 to a high of almost 85% of all advertising and marketing so this is a great time to get a Wordpress blog or website, create a new Video Logo Intro or Outro and start creating stunning videos that promote your brand on all of the major social media platforms to get high-quality recognition, generate leads and increase your revenue!

GENERAL TIPS for Making High-Quality YouTube Videos: We are 100% confident that you're going to love this Video Automation Software. It's going to give your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos such a professional look while effectively branding your logo. We get hundreds of questions about our audio setup and it is very simple! We have tested many different types of audio equipment with our camera setup and we found that two of our best performing audio powertools so far has been our Tascam DR-05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder and our Zealsound Studio Recording Microphone. By far, we create the best audio with our Tascam DR-05X and you have a lot of control of the audio features and you can use the Tascam unit as a "live microphone" or an external stand-alone audio recorder and you can drop the .WAV audio file directly into your favorite video editor. So, here you go: following these simple steps to get started with video making on Facebook or YouTube.

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Step 2: Order the Tascam DR-05X and give it a try. Nowadays, most cameras are able to record in 4k and while the video files can get quite huge, many YouTube creators are filming in 4k.

Please put a lot of emphasis on the quality of your audio to ensure that you are producing the highest level of quality content possible!

If you're like most Youtubers who are just starting out, you have a lot of questions. Should I spring for a LUMIX G7 or DSLR or just use your smartphone to shoot videos. Believe it or not, you can easily get by like most YouTubers with any one of the latest smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. One thing when it comes to audio and we hope to spare you a huge learning curve - do you know if your smartphone has a DAC?

A DAC is a Digital-to-Analog Converter. If you were hoping to connect a simple Lavalier Mic to a stereo to USB-C adapter as shown to the Note 10 or Note 10+ and start using your lavalier as a EXTERNAL MIC, you are going to run into an issue. Many of the new phones shoot in beautiful 4K which is a high resolution, enriched video format however, they are missing an internal DAC. The DAC takes a digital signal and converts it into an analog signal on its output. Simply put, it's an electrical signal that's converted into bits which is a pattern that has a specific value at each point. Our phones can't store an analog signal like a tape can and audio is converted into a digital form because it's easier to compress so you need a DAC to convert the waveform or continuous signal. We just wanted to touch on the science, but basically your external DAC (if one is not installed in your device) will allow you to connect your favorite audio recording device to an external mic port and your phone should flash, "External MIC in Use to record audio". If you are recording highly sensitive video and audio such as ASMR or natural scenes, you are going to want to use an external audio recording device like a TASCAM DR-05X or PurplePanda Lavalier Mic to create the very best audio file for your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram video. This DAC is called a USB Sound Card, Techrise USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Splitter Converter with Volume Control for Windows or Mac, Plug & Play No Drivers Needed. It offers TRS Microphone Jack compatibility. So these Mini Lavaliers are usually TRRS (left/right/microphone channel) but most external DACs are only TRS compatibile so you need a TRRS to TRS Male to Female Adapter to ensure noise cancellation. If you are planning to use a Lavalier Mic with your Canon T3i DSLR, your DSLR will read 3 poles while your phone will read 4 poles and if you don't use the TRRS to TRS Adapter, you'll hear clicks/noise feedback. If you are planning to use a Lavalier Mic with your Tascam DR-05x audio recorder, you should use this TRRS to TRS Adapter when you set your Tascam to record in Stereo Mode. If you are planning to use a Camcorder such as the HF G50, a TRRS to TRS Adapter is a great solution to convert a mic to double channel for recording. The Zoom H1N Voice Recorder is very popular for YouTubers and if you want to connect your lava mic to your Zoom voice recorder and a DSLR Nikon D7100, this is also a perfect solution. It's simple to remember when choosing audio recording devices for your YouTube channel that TRS is often thought of as stereo and gives you two contacts for a left and right audio channel where TRRS is usually going to offer you a left and right channel as well as a microphone channel. For the TRS male plug, you will see two black rings. On a TRRS male plug, you will see three black rings. Rode Microphones are very popular so you can pick up a few SC3 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Cable Adaptors for smartLav microphones. Once you start working with audio recorders and trying to connect them with DSLR and smartphones, the issue of TRRS or TRS or whether you need a TRRS to TRS Adapter will always come up. Once you get a TRRS to TRS Male to Female 4 pin 3 pin/3 to 2 rings Adapter, you are able to connect lavalier mics from PowerDewise, YouMIC, Pop Voice, Purple Panda and many more!

The best way to test your external mic output is to download Voice Recorder to your Samsung Note 10 or Note 10+. The internal mic is not bad on these phones, however if you are filming and you're far away, you should get a Lavalier or Wirless Lavalier mic. If your external mic is connected properly, your phone with the Voice Recorder app open will advise you that "External Mic in Use to record audio". It means you have successfully bypassed the internal mic of your smartphone and all audio is being recorded with your external device. If you are recording in a small room, your audio on the internal mic may be prone to echo and noise. You can easily use a DAC if one is not built into your phone and connect the DAC to a Rode SmartLav or PurplePanda Lavalier Microphone. Just run some tests and tap on the internal mic slot space next to the Pen Slot to see if you see output on the waveform in the Voice Recorder app. If the only output in waveform appears when the External Mic is connected, you are ready for crystal clear audio.

Lighting is very important for your YouTube videos. If you are shooting in 1080p which is standard for most cameras and smartphones, your resolution is going to be 1920 x 1080. Even a phone like a Google Pixel 3a has a powerful 12 Megapixel rear-facing camera with a recording resolution of 3840 x 2160 (4k). Many successful YouTubers use their smartphones to shoot in 1080p and 4k. Lighting is important if you do a lot of video recording indoors. It's always good to have a White Umbrella Reflector Lighting Kit with at least a 6500k Light Bulb. Our favorite is by LimoStudio. It features a great and long-lasting bulb, high-quality tripod and 33 inch diameter umbrella. It's as easy as point and shoot. Many of the tripods these days come with a cool Bluetooth Device that allows you to control your smartphone or device hands-free. The other tripod is by AmazonBasics. It's a lightweight camera tripod 16.5 - 50 inches. Our Wireless Remote Shutter was by a company called BZE and it came with a small tripod. These are great additions from Amazon for your YouTube and Facebook video recording toolbox.

When it comes to camera resolution and video files, size does matter. While there is an ongoing debate about whether or not 4k videos are favored by the YouTube algorithm, you are looking at file sizes that are 400% larger with a 4k 30fps video versus a 1080p 60fps video. Upon evaluation, a 12 second movie at 1080p 60fps per a second was 17.31MB. Based on this estimation in our file size calculations, a video should be about 2.87 GB for a full 33 minute 15 second 1080p YouTube video. At the setting of 4k 30fps, the same full 33 minute 15 second video balloons up to 11.1GB. Most YouTubers are filming in rich 1080 60fps and doing quite well. When you think of resolution, just remember that moving around a 10 - 11GB file is very time consuming and 1080p looks pretty darn good.

Once you make your first YouTube video, it's important for you to choose a great Thumbnail Software Suite. A thumbnail is the first impression you'll make when online users choose to click on your video. It's always great to make a great impression. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Choosing a great thumbnail could make the difference between getting a little traffic or views of your online video OR not so much!


3 New Pandemic Created Business Ideas for you!

We know at times, it seems like with everything going on in the World, it's hard to see the silver lining. Since the death of Kobe Bryant, it has been just one heartbreak after another for so many people around the world. It would be a injustice if we didn't take a few moments to reflect upon the new opportunities that are blossoming in this Pandemic Era and to learn how we can avert the effects of job loss and corporate downsizing by digitally packaging and marketing your skills.

It is projected that there are going to be three super-HOT niches that you can pursue if you start today in this Pandemic Era. There are three niches in the economy that are going to offer immense opportunities and we are going to examine each one now.

The first HOT niche is digital marketing. The events of the early part of 2020 have forced many brick-and-mortar businesses to think out of the box and get out of their comfort zone and create digital marketing spaces that allow their conventional businesses to gain new footing. Simply put, these businesses are pulling tooth and nail to try and survive at all costs. With their survival instincts in Defcon-5 Mode, you can gain a new skill and profit from this emerging niche. It's a new opportunity to learn logo design, graphic design, HTML and CSS and other skills to help businesses set up on online presence.

For many businesses entering this digital space, they are completely lost on how to create a logo for their business, how to digitize it and market it online to gain new customers and thrive. If you were faced with a job loss recently or you're considering a career transition, it's a great time to use the Authentic Vocation Sections in this free job interviewing training course, Job Interview Magic 2.0 to discover your Authentic Vocation and tap into the income opportunities of any one of these three niches that are booming!

The second HOT niche is online education. If you have a skill or high-in-demand talent, you can use services such as SkillShare and Facebook to quickly package and bundle your skills into perhaps a webinar or video presentation and thanks to the availability of payment and content delivery services such as Patreon, you can earn money for your skill or talent. Perhaps you know how to play the piano, or you know how to speak a second language, you can package these skills into a webinar video presentation and then by using just a few digital marketing strategies, promote your offer and earn monthly membership commission from new clients located just about anywhere in the world.

The key to your success will be an ASSET Inventory Assessment (AIA). We discuss these types of Power Assessments a lot in the Authentic Vocation Sections of Job Interview Magic 2.0. Did you attend college? Do you have a unique skill that you can package or bundle in the form of a webinar presentation that you can promote and teach other people how to perform basic tasks around the house or in their neighborhood or community. For example, there is a YouTube who appeals to young boys who don't have a father. He teaches them personal grooming and hygiene, how to dress and tie your tie for a job interview, how to get a great deal on a car and how to talk to the car salesman, etc. Here is another example: perhaps you're a struggling artist trying to gain new ground in the music industry. You're trying to get your first big break but you studied music theory in community college. You can reach out to other artists and coach them on music theory. You can take your first client by a simply webcam and set up a payment link on Paypal. The limit to what you can do is really your own imagination. Start with a simple assessment of your skill set and do a little research online to see if it is a niche skill that you can profit from teaching other people.

The third HOT niche is personal fitness and nutrition. With millions of people now acclimating to Life on Lockdown, there is a need for personal fitness and nutrition digital marketing services. Are you into fitness? Prior to the 2020 pandemic, did you go to the gym frequently? You can turn your fitness passion into a SkillShare Webinar or a Live YouTube Stream where you help people to avoid the pitfalls or hypertension and diabetes by exercising regularly in the comfort of their own homes. Do you know YOGA? You can set up your own yoga studio in your own home and live stream yoga classes to soccer moms around the country (USA) who would love to learn yoga, but fear going outside due to new social distancing guidelines and other reasons. Do you like to cook? Is there a niche of cooking that you really enjoy? You can turn your passion into an online income opportunity. First , start by establishing your identity ("video logo") and then grab a college notebook and pen and start cataloging your marketing skills or talents. An Asset Inventory Assessment is going to be your best friend forever (BFF) during this pandemic. Start by conducting an Asset Inventory Assessment of your own skills and knowledge base today! Don't procrastinate! You're going to be able to seize opportunities you never thought of before. For millions of us around the World, this is a matter of survival and if you don't put your thinking caps on right now and adapt to thrive, life will pass you by and the quality of life that you were used to prior to the pandemic will be in serious jeopardy.

Please don't be afraid to make mistakes with branching out and stretching your Horizons. Think creatively. Digitize your space. Conduct your Asset Inventory Assessment right now. Do a 360 degree assessment of your environment right now. Market your niche. Thrive. You can do it!

We would like to welcome you to the Job Interview Magic 2.0 Workshop. It is a free workshop for job seekers and each component of our workshop features a Video Presentation. We highly recommend that you watch each Video featuring Brenda, your Virtual Assistant. She will highlight the most powerful tips to exercise and master before you go to your next job interview. We hope that you'll benefit immensely from Job Interview Magic 2.0.

Review of this YouTube Thumbnail Software:

Once you start making videos, you really need a powerful thumbnail software that's going to grab the attention of your audience. You'll be really impressed with the ease of creating amazing and attention-grabbing Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos. We use it to create our YouTube Tutorial Series for Job Interview Magic 2.0 - The Art of Persuasion. It only takes about 3 clicks to create a great thumbnail for your new videos and their app works for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You will love the huge selection of thumbnail templates in various niches such as travel, weight loss, music and much more. If you are going to get into Digital Video Marketing, you really need to get with the best team of thumbnail specialists to get the job done right. You simply click, edit and customize then publish and the thumbnails are in simple to use .jpg format so you can use them whenever you want. You don't need any special design skills. Using this powerful software, you can create a Professional Thumbnail in 60 seconds or less. Remember, your thumbnail is the KEY to getting lots of video traffic. It's the first impression people see when browsing videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram! No need to slave over Photoshop for hours and hours, simply choose the template you like, click and edit and customize and publish. It's just a few clicks to powerful, attention-grabbing Thumbnails for getting loads of traffic.

NOTE: Free Training Invitation - Join us for our next Free Training Session to Learn from this Internet Business Mastermind. So many people just like you all across the country have quit their 9-to-5 jobs to stay home and promote the Super Affiliate System. Please accept this Free Training Invitation right now to learn more about one of the most powerful systems for liberating yourself from Corporate Slavery!

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We developed this quick start guide to help you prepare for your next job interview. It is interactive so you need to set aside about 15 -30 minutes to learn some amazing tips, strategies and tactics for using the Art of Persuasion to connect with the Interviewer on your next job interview and get him or her to almost beg for you to join their organization! Like anything in Life, "you get out of it, what you put into it". Please make sure that you review this online workshop completely for exciting articles about how to find a job. Some of our finest career-oriented articles are linked directly to Job Interview Magic 2.0. You will have a chance to get a makeover of your current Cover Letter and Resume and review the Top 25 Most Common Interview Questions.

Before we get into the nuts-and-bolts of Job Interview Magic 2.0 - The Art of Persuasion, we would like to encourage you to consider creating your own Life Purpose Statement which is one of the first steps to discovering your True Authentic Vocation. One of the main reasons for this suggestion is that so many job seekers try to get a different result from the same action in the same environment which will often lead to mental distress (i.e. insanity). If you keep banging on the same type of door in the same type of industry in the same type of work environment hoping to finally discover true Work Fulfillment and Job Satisfaction when all these doors that have opened so far have only produced misery then perhaps by taking the Challenge to form your own personal Life Purpose Statement is the key to unlocking new doors of opportunity that produces your desired results based on your personal skill set and work experience.


How to Use Twitter to Find a Job!

Twitter is all about finding job leads and networking with insiders in your industry to build connections with decision makers and get more job interviews. That's about it.

Next to LinkedIn, Twitter is by far one of the most underused job search resources on the Internet. It contains a wealth of information and when used correctly, you can target your niche, industry, target company and much more. Set up your Twitter account and start following people in your field right now! It's so amazing when you follow one Twitter user in your niche and then they follow you back. It's a beautiful thing! Most companies tweet extensively about new developments and job opportunities in their organization and most importantly, new job postings well before they make it to or This is the edge you're looking for!

Using your Twitter account to get insider information on your target company has never been easier. Twitter allows you to join in on the conversation in your industry and make a contribution for others to see, join in and make a contribution themselves. You'll build your Twitter network very quickly and you get to know the people who make the big decisions in your job marketplace very quickly.

Finding a great job on Twitter is all about using the most popular hastags for your job search. You are able to pinpoint "Who is Who in your Industry", what they are about and what they are offering. Hashtags can help you find great job opportunities very quickly. Write down these popular hashtags to refine your job search: #hiring, #jobs, #careers, #jobopening, #joblisting, #HR, #graduatejobs and #tweetmyjobs. If you are looking for a specific job, especially in the tech, IT or marketing fields, you can use #ITjobs, #techjobs and #marketingjobs to find great job opportunities. To AMP UP your job search, take advantage of services such as Hootsuite to micromanage tracking your #hashtags (i.e. one powerful #hashtag for each column) specific to your job search.

Sites such as Hootsuite and TweetMyJobs use the latest technology to monitor news feeds on Twitter to find great job opportunities fast. These tools help find available jobs and network with industry leaders in your field. When you start to use Twitter more often for your job search, you can promote yourself with #MBA, #engineer, #socialworker in all of your tweets so that companies seeking to fill job vacancies via these hashtags in their search will discover you. We strongly suggest that you start a simple Wordpress blog so that you can share your thoughts with others on your job search. By making a contribution, other people will want to follow you and that builds up your authority-based status in social media. Once you give people a reason to follow you, your opportunities flourish via word-of-mouth advertising and sharing of your content. You can start a Wordpress Blog for as little as $4 a month (see link above) and customize it as a Daily Journal to help other job seekers! It was Zig Ziglar who once said, "you can have anything you want in Life as long as you help other people get what they need!"

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for enhancing your job search efforts but always remember to think of ways that you can help other people in the same boat as you so that you increase your notoriety as an authority in your field and get your Wordpress Blog link retweet over and over again and of course, it goes without saying, please make sure to include a link to your Resume Website on your Wordpress Blog. Make it easy for an employer to respect your contribution and your effort to help others and grant you a job interview opportunity in return!


The Top 5 Work-at-Home Side Hustles of 2020

With hundreds of thousands of Americans filing for unemployment benefits in the summer of 2020, this is a great time for us to review the Top 5 Work-at-Home Side Hustles of 2020. We live in a technology-driven world and increasingly, we have become more depend on services that can be delivered virtually. You can start taking advantage of this upward trend in many ways. First, you should open an account with payment solution services such as Paypal and Venmo and many others and start sharing a skill or teaching others a valuable trade or skill. Let's take a look at some of the hottest work-at-home side hustles of 2020:

1. Translator. There is a high demand for translators. If you live in the United States and you know a foreign language, you can make between $17/hour - $30/hour as a translator. Corporations need to translate their technical manuals and other documents into different languages for international compliance and other purposes. If you are a self-starter and you're motivated to operate your own business at home, you can create an account on Fiverr and start offering your translation services to clients worldwide. Of course, your service will be limited by each respective marketing platform whether it be Fiverr, Upwork or any other platform that allows you to monetize their organic traffic and searches for translators.

2. Virtual Assistant. Did you know that there are over 18 million MILLIONAIRES in the United States alone. You could become a Virtual Assistant to the millionaire jet set or simply a Virtual Assistant for so many corporate executives who were mandated to start working from home in 2020. Simply provide outstanding administrative support and business-writing and organizational skills to your clients and you'll get many referrals and you'll have an endless support of contacts. The key is to choose your niche or specialization, become an expert at your chosen specialization or niche and then promote the dickens out of your service on several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. You can write a newsletter that helps people become more productive and utilize sophisticated autoresponder services such as Constant Contact, GetResponse, and MailChimp to get the word out to your subscribers. In this line of work, presenting yourself as an authority in your field will help you earn new clients!

3. Online Tutor. With millions of stay-at-home moms trying to figure out the homeschooling game, you can offer an immediate solution to their woes. Think about it for one second: imagine a stay-at-home mom who is trying to set up her own home office to facilitate a new corporate directive requiring workers to work from home 4 days a week and report to the corporate office on casual Friday. With many school districts closed until further notice, homeschooling has become a major headache for many parents who are completely clueless about getting started. You can offer a solution. Become an expert in the field of homeschooling. Learn about each state's requirements for homeschooling. As an entrepreneur in the side hustle game, you should always be looking for problems that you can fix and offer a solution. For every problem that you offer a solution, there lies an income stream. To survive the perfect storm of events leading to record unemployment in 2020, you need to sharpen the tools in your Entrepreneur's Toolbox. Learn a new skill, master it and become the very best at it, present yourself as an authority by offering a newsletter or by writing an e-book about the subject and then target your audience and start provide solutions to other people's problems. have an income stream that you may not have had last month. Think outside the box in 2020. There is money to be made everywhere!

4. Customer Service Agent. There are many companies in need of customer service agents with strong communication skills. The online education industry is going to explode with opportunities in the next FIVE years. Companies will need experienced customer service agents to be their first point of contact to serve their clients and build their educational brand. There are going to be numerous opportunities not only in postsecondary education, but also independent online education platforms that offer classes in foreign languages, cooking for older adults, etc. Traffic to sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and SkillShare are at an all-time high in the summer of 2020. More and more people worldwide will learn how to succeed and thrive by working from home and by reporting to the office perhaps once per a week or once biweekly. It's going to be an acceptable mode of conducting business for millions of professionals worldwide.

5. Life Coach. One of the major hurdles in adapting to the new economy of work-at-home executives will be solving mental health issues. As a Life Coach, you can help people overcome their insecurities and offer them guidance on how to fulfill their Life Purpose and discover their Authentic Vocation while contributing to a greater cause such as charitiable organization. People are starving for direction and professional guidance right now. As a Life Coach, you can provide guidance and solutions right away and offer comfort in an otherwise unstable and treacherous job marketplace. The best way to start in this emerging field is to seek out licensed training programs that certify Life Coaches and train you on how to promote your own business online. Facebook and Twitter are great social media platforms to spy on the competition in the Life Coach profession and learn the insider secrets of how they are able to master this specialized niche, find new clients and offer solutions to their problems.

To summarize, to survive in this ever-changing world, you need to think outside of the box, ladies and gentlemen. It's pivotal to your survival. You have to think with a fiery entrepreneurial instinct to gain a competitive edge going forward because the so-called traditional job marketplace has changed in many irrepairable ways. It is estimated that over 40% of the jobs lost in 2020 will not return. Attrition and warfare on the working class has led to the destruction of many business models in 2020 and the remaining surviving businesses are quickly learning how to seek out new income verticals in this ever-changing economy and they are doing it with fewer employees. You either have to adapt to thrive or get out of the way!